Commissioners for Oaths

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If you need to swear an affidavit, or make a Statutory Declaration (in England
and Wales), you will be advised that the document needs to be sworn (or
affirmed) before a solicitor or ‘Commissioner for Oaths’.

Solicitors, such as those at Fairbrother & Darlow, who have current practising certificates (issued by the Law Society) are entitled to administer an oath.

One of the critical issues for solicitors is that they shouldn’t have any involvement in the matter at all. In fact, a solicitor who carries out a “swear” or a “statutory declaration” has no involvement in the contents of the document, other than the formality of administering the oath or the statutory declaration. However, if a solicitor has good reason to believe that the oath or declaration is false, that solicitor must refuse to administer it.

The following fees are charged by Commissioners for Oaths (as required by the Lord Chancellor):

  • For taking an affidavit, declaration or affirmation (per person) – £5.00
  • In addition, for each exhibit referred to and required to be marked (or for each schedule required to be marked) – £2.00
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