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Financial Matters on Separation

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Arranging your finances

When a marriage or civil partnership comes to end, it is essential to assess not only the immediate financial impact on both of you, but also to assess your long-term financial needs, as well as those of any children who may be involved. This is in order to allow the process of reaching a financial settlement to begin.

Our solicitors understand that arranging the finances can be one of the hardest parts of getting divorced or dissolving a civil partnership.

Specialist experience

Each case is unique and obtaining a financial settlement is complex and requires specialist experience. Our solicitors are aware that making financial arrangements can be the hardest part during separation and will provide you with advice on the most straightforward and cost-efficient way forward.

Financial settlements can be reached by a wide range of different methods and without issuing a court application. Whatever the process, the objective is to achieve a financial settlement which can then be incorporated into a document called a Consent Order. Once approved by the Court, this is legally binding. Whether or not the Consent Order is approved by the Court depends upon whether the Court considers the terms to be fair and equitable to both parties.

If your relationship or civil partnership has broken down, then you may need advice on how the assets should be divided and legal advice should be obtained at the earliest opportunity.

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